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 Victor's Appearance

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PostSubject: Victor's Appearance   Sat Mar 01, 2008 8:47 pm

Internet Poker Radio Online Show Transcript

Victor Ramdin Interview Highlights 9-15-07

PPH: What's the longest poker session that you've gone without sleep?

RAMDIN: I went 49 hours. I was in the Carribean and we had a guy who was exposing his hands. It was a lot of fun.

PPH: What's your weekly regiment as you prepare yourself to be a professional poker player? What do you do each day?

RAMDIN: When I play the tournaments (live) I don't want to get knocked out on the first day. I always tell myself that I want to make it until the second day. So, my normal routine would be like -- I get up about eight o'clock (am) then I work out for an hour, get a massage, I don't want to eat too heavy. I don't want to eat too much meat. But I feel if I eat fresh fruits, oatmeal I can go on forever. If I have a big breakfast or a lot of meat -- I seem to get sleepy after six hours or five hours.

PPH: I saw something where you still don't consider yourself a "pro." Do you feel like at this point that you're 75% of the way there or just like a 50/50% professional?

RAMDIN: I think I'm about 70%. I don't consider myself a full-time pro. I don't think I qualify. I don't think I play enough tournaments. I would say that the average pro plays 2 1/2 or 3 times as much as I play.

PPH: Is that because of the respect you have for the game -- is that part of it?

RAMDIN: The respect I have for this game. I've played many other sports. I played pool for a long time. I was a pool shark. I used to play darts. Many other sports before -- and there is nothing like poker -- not even close. It brings out the best in you and the players around you. I just love the game.

PPH: We have a listener question about a tournament play at Foxwoods. Let's say you're on the button with pocket 7s and the blinds are at $300/$600. The guy under the gun in first position pushes all in for $6,000. And for you to call -- it's about 65% of your stack -- what do you do?

RAMDIN: I would muck there. I don't want to call that with 7s -- ever. Who knows what the big blind will do? I want to be the guy who pushes in with that.

PPH: I think a lot of average players would call right there. But it's not really a great spot to be in. Victor, thanks a lot for joining us and for the great advice.
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PostSubject: Victor is calm and cool   Thu Mar 06, 2008 3:50 pm

Victor seemz to be right on with his reads and smooth at the tourney tables. I like his style and his smile! Razz
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PostSubject: under the radar player   Fri Mar 21, 2008 12:57 pm

i have seen victor ramdin on the poker shows a few times and i've never even seen him talk. he seems like a boring kinda player but i guess he wins money and that's all that counts, eh.
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PostSubject: Re: Victor's Appearance   

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Victor's Appearance
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