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 Sam Farha's 1st Appearance

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PostSubject: Sam Farha's 1st Appearance   Sat Mar 01, 2008 8:43 pm

Internet Poker Radio Online Show Transcript

Sam Farha Interview Highlights 8-4-07

PPH: Sam, what is poker to you?

FARHA: Poker is my middle name. You know. I drink, I sleep poker.

PPH: You used to play games like pinball and Pacman for money? You won a $5,000 game of Pacman -- what was that all about?

FARHA: That was cool. $5,000 was a lot of money at that time. I was going to college. I was pretty good at that game. I used to play forever.

PPH: When you go into the casinos, how do you approach the game (of poker)? Do you walk right in and sit right down and start talking to people? Or do you like to go in and look around and try to pick some players that you want to play against? What's your approach?

FARHA: What I do -- I walk into the poker room -- and you know we play the big games. And normally they play several games. And I try to negotiate with them to play my own game -- which is pot limit Omaha. That's my favorite game. So I try to negotiate the game. The best thing for a poker player -- have other players play your own game. Why would you mix other games if you're good in one, right?

PPH: We want to ask you a little bit because you are one of the top guys in the world at talking to your opponents and getting information. You do it in a friendly way. You don't have a big contentious conversation like a Mike Matusow or a Phil Hellmuth. You and Daniel Negreanu are the only two guys that I see actually pull information out of their opponents just by talking (friendly) to them. Explain a little bit about how you do that?

FARHA: The main thing in poker is to respect your opponent. When you beat your opponent you should be happy that you've taken his money. So you need to respect him, not needle him. Let him enjoy the game because he'll be back. When you needle him like the other players -- that's not good poker. That's lack of respect at the same time. That's not what poker is about. Poker is a gentleman's game. You need to respect your opponent.

PPH: It seems like when you're winning at the table you always try to make it an entertaining experience for your opponents and that keeps them coming back. What really impresses me about you is that you'll have sessions where everything you do is working, all your bluffs are working, your timing is perfect and you're running over the table. But then I see other sessions that when every time you try to make a move -- somebody wakes up with Kings or Aces or something. But what really amazes me is -- I've never, ever seen you go on tilt. What do you do to keep yourself at a machine-like normal level -- even when you're steaming inside?

FARHA: You know we all go on tilt. And I go on tilt also, but I don't show it sometimes. What works for me is that I'm very unpredictable. The hands I play -- I play a lot of hands. A lot of players play a lot of hands. The only difference between me and them is -- I know when to fold them. And that's the main thing. Being on tilt -- it happens to everybody. You probably don't see it on me but inside of me -- I'm on tilt. I like to play a lot of hands so I can get my money back if I've lost a lot of money.

PPH: If I played as many hands as you I'd have to have a printing press in my basement.

FARHA: I've heard that for years but you know the funny part is -- there's nothing wrong with playing any cards as long as you control the table and as long as you know what your opponents have. I have a great advantage that a lot of people. Don't bluff me. Usually I'm being bluffed out of one or two percent of the hands I play. A lot of players don't do that. Because I'm so aggressive they know I'll be calling them. And that's the strategy that I picked for years and the image that I picked for years. What I do is I play with the chips. I never look at my opponent's eyes. I look at their behavior. Any time someone is on a final table or a cash game and they're bluffing for a lot of money -- and you're taking your time -- you're making them nervous. Sometimes I talk a lot. And I get a lot of information.

PPH: How did you get so good at reading your opponents and what advice can you give to the lower level players to help them read opponents.

FARHA: You know you sit on the table and you watch the players. When you're out of the hand you watch the players. And you see how they're playing -- and you keep it in your memory. The way they move and the things they said during that hand. And what I do -- I do the same thing when I talk to them. I could be wrong. I don't say whether I'm right or wrong. I keep it to myself. I take my time to make the call but I really take my time to memorize the moves of the player.

PPH: What's your favorite thing to do as far as poker? You like the cash games obviously...

FARHA: Of course.

PPH: Do you like going on all the shows and being under the public scrutiny and on camera and probably making decisions you wouldn't normally make?

FARHA: It doesn't bother me. I don't like to do a lot of shows under the camera. Because like I said, Johnny. It's hard to put a tell on me. I play so many hands. And I play so aggressive. If I have a hand or if I'm bluffing -- I do them the same way. It doesn't bother me. But still in the long run -- it's bad to show your cards every time.

PPH: How long did you play before you really started to feel like you knew what you were doing at a poker table and you weren't really worried that you were in above your head?

FARHA: It took me about a year of playing nickles and dimes to learn even the best hands. And I had the confidence right away. But I knew I wasn't good. But I had the confidence. I was capable of making money at that time. But I knew I picked up the game and there were certain players that I can beat. So, you had to build your bankroll somehow.

PPH: We thank you so much, Sam. It's an honor to have you as our first guest.

FARHA: Thank you, Johnny. It's been a pleasure. I enjoyed it so much.

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PostSubject: Sammy too cool for poker   Thu Mar 06, 2008 3:28 pm

Cool I like Sammy. Was he an oil tycoon or something? I want to be him!!!! Cool Cool
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Sam Farha's 1st Appearance
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